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Firm Profile


The Biber Partnership AIA provides professional services for many diverse building types, including institutional buildings, public buildings, corporate structures, commercial buildings, and extended use and renovation projects. 

Our project teams are enhanced by engineering disciplines specifically appropriate for your project.

We are a firm that is particularly sensitive to the issue of sustainability. We have been practicing with sustainability in mind long before 'sustainability' was a buzzword. We design for longevity, with flexibility in mind. Building owners can no longer renovate each time the programs change or get added to, so making spaces and buildings easily adaptable with minimal construction is important.    In addition, we are aware of the shrinking dollars available for proper building maintenance within our built environment and institutions. We therefore strive to design and select materials that are durable, maintainable and aesthetically long-lasting.

Philosophy of Design

We believe in the development of design solutions that are uplifting to the human spirit, that are fun, that function and add to the quality of life for the building client and users.

We believe in design innovation, coupled with timeless architecture. We are not   a firm that develops design solutions based on the stylistic fad of the day.

We believe in long-term architecture and quality buildings that can stand the test of time.

We consistently strive to respond to our client`s program, aspirations, needs and goals. We do this by making our client and our user part of the design team and having them involved in the solution. We are committed to:

1. Design through communication

2. Total commitment by the firm`s partners and principals 

3. Excellence in design and process

4. Effective management, and

5. Pragmatic solutions that are a manifestation of the economic reality of our times.

Interior Architecture

The Biber Partnership AIA's Interior Design group was founded in 1982 and offers a complete range of services in Interior Design, Programming and Space Planning.  This group has become an integral part of the design team, providing interior design services for new buildings as well as retrofitting of existing buildings.

We are well-schooled in the use of color, texture, materials, lighting, fabrics, furniture and furniture systems to design interiors that create an inspirational response. 

Planning & Context

Buildings do not stand alone. Not only do they stand in relationship to other buildings, they also have a significant site and natural resource relationship based on their location. The site has a significant impact on the character of the architecture and the relationship of the building vistas, egress, ingress and site amenities with relation to the building function.

When a building design is considered in relation to its context, a sense of existing scale and form become important to the analysis of the site and existing buildings. There is also a need to develop a 'sense of direction' and a vocabulary of architectural form, spaces and materials for the project. This direction, a result of contextual analysis, innovation, and creativity, brings unity to the site and a user-friendly, inviting architecture.

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