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About The Biber Partnership

Since the founding of the firm in 1968 as Chapman & Biber, to its reorganization in 1995 as The Biber Partnership AIA, the firm has grown from an office founded by two principals to a group of professionals organized for flexibility and speed of response to meet the needs of its clients. The firm is supplemented by special consultants directly responsible to the firm, providing the client with a single conduit for access to a variety of necessary interrelated disciplines.  
The Biber Partnership seeks to create inspiring and uplifting buildings and spaces through quality design and process which promotes cooperation and teamwork. It results in architecture which is appropriate to its site, its context, and its use, promotes community, has minimum impact on the environment, builds for the future, meets the clients' and users' needs and exceeds their expectations.   
Design Through Communication: 
You, as a client and we, as the project architects, together possess the expertise and leadership to communicate as colleagues involved in the same endeavor - your project.
We believe in design through communication. Communication with our clients and the building's end users is essential in providing the most effective, economical and meaningful method of building programming, design and development. We believe in developing a positive interpersonal chemistry that assures smooth collaboration between client, user and architect.
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